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Higher Psychology or crash Higher Administration and IT?


I'm looking for advice about subject choices. I'm currently in S5 and have to hand in my course choice form for S6 soon. I definitely want to do Higher Politics, Advanced Higher English, and Higher Italian, but I still haven't decided what I want my fourth subject to be. I've narrowed it down to either Psychology or Admin.

I think I'm more likely to end up choosing admin because even though I didn't do Nat 5, I did it in S3 and remember it being extremely easy and Psychology seems slightly more difficult. Also this year I'm only doing social subjects and languages this year (English, French, Modern Studies, History and Spanish) so it would probably look better to have a Higher that isn't a social subject or a language for some variety. Psychology is a very popular subject at my school so it might end up being full as well.

Has anyone on this forum crashed admin? Is it more difficult than I'm expecting it to be? (in S3 it was just typing stuff into spreadsheets and making PowerPoints) Should I pick psychology instead?

Btw I'm crashing Spanish this year and doing quite well so crashing something isn't new for me.
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hi ! i haven’t crashed higher admin but ive done it for a bit before recoursing. honestly, it’s sooo easy. there’s a lot more content in it, both on the softwares and theory but it isn’t anything shocking. i haven’t done any psychology but i know for sure admin is an easy a if you don’t get bored of it and slack off😭

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