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Crashing a Nat 5. Which one?

Sorry for the long post!
I'm in S4 and I'm choosing my subjects soon. It's been really stressful lately as I found that my 2 fav subjects clash with each other in one column. These are spanish and history and I decided that I will continue with Spanish at higher in s5 and will do higher history in s6 as my teachers recommend. Now I am left with a blank column space.
For reference, I am dropping Art and Maths next year. Generally I am good at literacy based subjects, but I do find science interesting. Here are my options:
n5 psychology
n5 chemistry
n5 media
The first 2 would be crash nat 5. As for media, I have done it at nat 4 in s3. I am clueless for what I should choose.

Psychology looks like a very interesting course, and heard it's relatively easy. However, I don't know whether it would be useful for university as it's not something I'd like to do as a job. I've also found that there is no N5 revison guide (book) to buy. Revison from books is my best way to study and I feel that there is no resources.

Chemistry is a tough one. I know it is a very demanding course, but a lot of universities value it. It has a lot of maths which I'm not particularly good at. Just trying to get an A at Nat 5 maths and ditching it all together. I am just considering it as it might be useful if I wanted to go into biology in uni. Though I am unsure if I would even like the course as I've never done chem before. I would probably end up not doing higher because of the workload tbh.

Media is something I really enjoyed in s3. That's because my friends also picked it, and we had a blast with the filmmaking. This would be hard to do in a class with no friends, and as far as I know none of them are taking it. In general I heard it's pretty useless (from another post on student room). I am thinking about going into journalism but I feel I wouldn't want to continue media at higher.

I'm really stuck😕 My teachers, friends and family are all saying different things. Any suggestions?

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