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UK or Spain, International Relations and politics

Hi, I'm a Spanish citizen thinking in going to the UK as I also have British nationality and its cost free, I'm an offer holder for Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Sussex (and waiting for Edinburgh). I have also looked at ESADE global governance course in Barcelona Spain, but its high costs and not sure how profitable. My main interest is politics and international relations, I need advice cause i don't really know which university is best, thanks!
I think it sort of depends what you are looking for. If you want the most prestigious, I'd say Edinburgh, followed by Manchester and Bristol. If you are looking for a bigger city, then Birmingham and Manchester, and then Bristol. Other things to consider are costs, as Sussex, as a non-metropolitan city, will be cheaper accomidation and cost of living.
I have also got an offer for Bristol and am waiting on Edinburgh too- good luck

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