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How to negotiate TEFL Teaching Salary in Taiwan.

Hi all,

I am emigrating from the UK to Taiwan in the next 6 months and I am browsing job vacancies in TEFL. I have an FdA, BA & MA in English as well as a CELTA certificate. I have also taught on an internship in Thailand, volunteered teaching in Beijing and taught full-time in Poland. Finally, I have had two years teaching experience in the UK in higher education teaching second-language learners the English language.

In Taiwan, I know that teaching gigs are commonly TWD$600 - TWD$700 per hour. Sometimes the salaries can be monthly from around TWD$40,000 - TWD$70,000 per month.

I am definitely not at entry-level salary grade, but I know I am not at the highest either. So I'm unsure how to sell myself when it comes to an interview with a recruiter or a direct school at the interview stage. At an initial estimate, I'd say I would be between TWD$50,000 - TWD$60,000.

I am not just going to Taiwan for a holiday for some 'once in a lifetime chance of teaching experience'. I will be going for the long-run and never plan on living in the UK again, so I want to make sure I get this right.

If anyone has experience with negotiating Taiwanese salaries, I'd be grateful for some advice.
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