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advice on gcse english?

i'm about to sit my gcses and i've just finished my school's third round of mock exams, i'm satisfied with my performance in all of my subjects except lit and lang: i'm perpetually stuck on 7s and 8s and i've tried everything to boost my grade but i'm still stuck and my english teacher can't really help because there are bigger problems in my class than a seven. the main problems lie with gcse language paper 1 (creative writing) and 20th century play (my school does inspector) does anyone have any advice? thank you so much :biggrin:
I did inspector calls as well, and I find Mr buff YouTube videos really helpful! I think for English, finding summaries online short revision, recap videos are good. Also at this stage, I would make sure that you’re going over topics and things that might come up in a lot of detail and maybe making mind maps summarising the important quotes. Practice papers are good, but I wouldn’t spend a lot of time writing out in. Unless you wanna practice time management instead I would make bullet points on ur answers and then have a look at mark schemes to see what they. said. If you need any more help let me know and I hope this is useful. Good luck with your exams.☺️

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