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English Lit B NEA Word Count

Hello, I'm currently working on my NEA, very dilligetly as my teacher has given us a final deadline in about 2 weeks. (I'm not doing a comparative essay by the way, I'm writing two seperate essays, one prose one poetry).

My word count is a big issue however. I understand the recommended word count is 1250-1500, however my poetry stands at 1600 and my prose at 1750 (I know......)

I can definetly cut some parts out, but it would not make much of a difference to my word count to be honest.

My question is how lenient are the AQA markers for NEA? Would they limit my marks if I've gone over the word count by a lot? I know this question might be hard to fully answer but any help would be appreciated!

Thanks alot :smile:

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