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Manchester architecture vs Nottingham architecture

I got into both unis but I cant decide where I will be happier? Can you guys help me please?
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Can you share any other info, have you been to the open days, and are you asking about the courses or the cities (or both)? I've heard various reports that Manchester's course can be kind of disorganised due to the architecture school being a joint institution between UoM and MMU. If you've visited the unis you'll know this already, but campus wise Nottingham is a self-contained campus with lots of green space, while Manchester has more of a city uni feel (though the facilities are still quite close together), so really up to you as to what kind of place you'd prefer to live in.
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I live far away and it is really hard for me to visit the campuses. I want to know more about the campus life how happy are the students in each campus and stuff.

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