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history a level revision

does anyone have good advice for revising history. We haven’t finished learning the content yet and gosh there’s so much content! We do Nazism and democracy and the Tudors. I am okay with revising short term like blurting, but long term things just seem to fall out my head, how do I revise long term-ish but ensure that i can recall topics?
I'm AQA and I do the same courses as you! If you've done your coursework then that's great, if not then prioritize that. I personally use a lot of Seneca, but I find its a bit shallow on some of the Tudors content. David Starkey has some good documentaries on you tube, as a historian he's good but not as a person. Seneca, flashcards, maybe go back through your notes and try condense them as much as you can. I'm also a mind maps fan. Have a go at planning essays as well (you don''t even need to write them.) Those are just some things that work for me

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