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Hey, I currently study bio,chem and psych and plan to pursue medicine at uni. I've done core maths which is equivalent to half an a level. I was planning on doing an epq as it would be equal to another half alevel. This would allow me to have the same points as someone with 4 alevels.

Long story short: what are some topics or questions I should deffo avoid as my title?
Hi, I completed an EPQ this year (current yr 13) so I'd thought I'd help. I don't have much knowledge about applying to medicine, so maybe you could do some research about past EPQs taken by current medical students. But I do know that people who normally do better in EPQ are the ones who have picked a question large enough to engage them (but not too large - think about your timescale and final product, which will probably be a dissertation) as well as a topic which is rather niche and specific to their interests.

Likelihood is that you'll be working on your EPQ for an extended period of time so you want something that will engage you and enable you to deepen your knowledge of medicine outside of the A-Level curriculum. Perhaps there is a specialisation within medicine or a particular branch you're interested in, like radiography. Completing your EPQ in this could help shows unis that you have future career goals and a deeper understanding of medicine after graduation. Alternatively, pick something that will help you in your interviews. If you're worried about questions about medical ethics then why not strengthen your weak points by doing an EPQ on euthanasia or patient autonomy to learn about different approaches which you can then bring up in interviews etc.

Sorry this is quite long-winded lol, hope it helps :smile:
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Original post by _fafa233
This would allow me to have the same points as someone with 4 alevels.

Unis only take into consideration the grades from three A levels (if you took four A levels they would only consider the grades from the best three) so your rationale for doing an EPQ is flawed.

Focus on getting the best results you can in your three A levels rather than doing an EPQ.
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I seem to remember that the EPQ helps with points but I don't think universities tend to accept points for degrees in medicine.
EPQs can result in a reduced offer by some universities. I don't think that this usually helps with medical degrees. I would check this in case I am wrong but if the EPQ does not benefit you in this way, focus on the A levels and don't do the EPQ.
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