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Applying as a mature student (21)

Does just putting my age into the form when applying through UCAS mean I'll be considered as a mature student, or do I need to do more? Will I even benefit from applying as mature if I'm not that much older? Also, since I'm not applying through any institution (I'm studying on my own), what do I put my institution as, and do I just put my A level grades as pending as I've not received them yet and don't get predicted grades? Thank you in advance

For further context: I had to leave sixth form after going through several difficult things in my life. I never got my A levels so I worked, but decided to try again and take my A levels summer 2024. My A levels are maths, philosophy and psychology, which I'm aiming for AAA in, and my top choice of course is Philosophy with Psychology at Warwick.
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It might be worth speaking to UCAS directly over the phone for some of the specific questions, there is a great article on 'mature students' here

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