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what should I do??

I broke up with my ex years ago to focus on my uni but as time as gone past, I forgot about him due to feeling insecure and he end up getting anxiety and he still has anxiety because of the breakup being so traumatic to him. I changed religions and still in uni getting that degree but I feel awkward cuz I am the reason why he has anxiety and now his friends hate me. also he hates me for changing religions, we had a lot of miscommunications and it was LDR so it felt fake? now I feel so guilty for not remembering my ex and I don't know what to do, like he called me lazy for gaining weight but that weight gain was caused by PCOS but I am losing it by working out five times a week and doing pilates once a week.

but like I feel iffy about this
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He's your ex. What is happening years later with him and his friends is none of your concern. You can dye your hair green, wear purple clothes, change your religion, do what you want; it's your life and he has no say in it. If you want to make other changes, like losing weight, do it for yourself, not because he was rude to you. Move on from him.

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