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does my life suck?

i have two close friends in school but they’re very busy people and have a lot more friends than me in school, i’m being bullied by a group of my ex friends right now who laugh and mock me every single day.

my grades are so bad and my sixth form is depressing because everyone has amazing fun friend groups to hang out with and i come to school and force conversations with people who could go weeks without talking or thinking of me.

i do have a good home life and pretty much the only time i feel at peace is when im at home with my parents. i’m at only child and everyone is so busy hanging out with their friend groups and studying that i spend half terms, weekends, and breaks alone at home. i do drums outside of school but the lessons are one-on-one

i moved to the uk in year 7 and my best friend lives back where i used to live in another country, so my support system outside of school lives in a different continent

i know sixth form is only two years, and im halfway through year 12 but im slipping into depression and find it hard to wake up every morning. i can’t drop out of school or change schools and i feel trapped, lonely, and hopeless

i really don’t know what to do anymore
Focus on the good. Everyday you wake up is a blessing we should be thankful for. Try and see the positive side in every situation, you will never be put through anything more than you can bear, stay strong.
I spent many school years with a friendship group I wasn’t really close with but now I have found my group. Don’t worry, friend is a strong word and if it is meant to be you’ll find that friend in the uk.

Hope everything is well :smile:
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