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Is it normal to be fake around your parents?

I pretend to like my mom but I can’t stand her. She always has a nasty attitude, she’s a bully. All she does is shop and never likes to do fun things. She’s always judging people like as if she’s so better. She’s loud and obnoxious. She’s always doing stuff for attention because she think she’s funny when she’s not. She loves to embarrass me just because deep down she’s miserable and has no life. I just smile and pretend to like her but deep down I can’t stand her. I just try to suck up to her until I can make enough money to move out. I love my space because there’s nobody judging me. But yet she’s always calling me weird for it when the spotlight isn’t on her. Ever since her mom died she takes her anger out on everyone. I’m sad but at the same time have some respect, grow up. When her mom was alive she was doing bad things, why didn’t she get her help? She’s 50 she needs to grow up and get a life and respect the people around her. There’s women that lost their 23 year old daughters but yet they have more respect than she does. She’s always saying things like “o when I’m gone you will appreciate me” I appreciate now but all that she cares about is herself. She will treat you like a monster but if you say anything back she will twist everything around. Is it normal to take it until you make it?
I would advise getting counselling for both you and your mum.

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