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A-Level Resit info needed

Hi all,

I'm currently in a predicament as I can't find enough info about my issue. I want to get some clarification regarding resits and whether it applies to my situation. So, back in 2021 I was in year 12 taking A level bio chem and maths. In the end of year exams (Might've been AS level exams, I've forgotten) I had failed them and, thus, was not allowed to continue into year 13. In the next year, 2022, I enrolled into a different local college to take a few btecs but found that they were exceptionally easy and decided to leave mid year (so that's the 2022 academic year out of the window). In 2023 April , a month before a level exams, I decided to take a level exams in different subjects (History, RE and Business) and overestimated my own abilities to complete whole a levels in a month (Ik, total buffoonery) and ended up with an EUU at the end. Currently, I decided to take the leap faith and actually try to complete my a levels in bio chem and psychology (wanted to do this in 2023 exam season but was too intimidated) and hopefully complete it by 2025. My question is, considering my past, when I get my results in 2025, would that be considered a resit, either because of me doing the exams at the end of 2021 for bio and chem or because of me doing a levels in 2023 but in different subjects. If not, would I be considered a non-resit fresh applicant if I applied to a course like medicine with my a level grades in 2025.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

If you didn’t sit the biology and chem exams it can’t be classified as a resit if you haven’t sat the official exams yet

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