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Amberstudent asking for my "native address"

Hello, i booked accommodation for next year on amberstudent and someone from the team reached out to me asking for my address in Poland (I gave my nationality as polish since i have a polish passport) but i haven't lived there for 9 years. I told her that and she asked me for my relative's address. I told her I'm not in contact with them and she hasn't responded. This morning she sent me an email asking for my address in Poland again. I physically cannot provide her with a polish address and I do not see why she would need it since I'm not an international student. Has anyone had a similar experience?

UPDATE: i contacted customer service, they said that the agent has been made aware of my settled status and they will contact me soon. After days of waiting for her to email me back, i called, emailed and messaged customer service. I got a reply on whatsapp saying the agent will contact me tomorrow (today). She hasn't contacted me yet and idk if she ever will but the property i want is sold out on other websites so i doubt they can secure it for me anyway. I'll most likely end up without accommodation for next year lmao
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Phone the accom provider and ask to speak to someone else.
Explain that you area UK resident and have 'settlement' here.
Then send them a copy of your passport and settlement code.

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