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Queen Mary University of London Dentistry 2025 Entry

Welcome to Queen Mary University of London Dentistry 2025 Entry discussion thread!

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Note: You might find that QMUL is also called Barts and the London, this is the old name for the medical and dental schools and are often called this by alumni/ older resources.

Useful TSR resources:
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Useful links:
Official UCAT website:
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UCAT cut-offs in 2023 for 2024 entry:

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Good luck!
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Hi ^^ I know that QM weigh UCAS tariff when it comes to selecting applicants for interview, but I'm not sure why it would be the case that the tariff of your AS level qualification would not be counted if I got on to complete an A level in that same subject?

"Please note that universities and colleges will only count the Tariff points of an AS qualification if you have not completed an A level in the same subject."

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