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Probabtion extended

I am on probation and I was told today that they extended it.

My boss gave me a review around my performance, everyone is happy about my behaviour and my work ethic.

They just want me to be more "present"

I am a naturally shy person and also a bit I really struggle around this. Most of my colleagues are very outspoken, extroverted people.

I just want to do my family proud, it's such a great well-known company. I would be very devastated if I didn't pass probation... any advice?
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Speak to your manager and explain this to them.
Ask if there are any specifics they can give you as you re really keen to do your best in the role.
There is no point sitting back guessing, be direct, this will come across as both confident and enthusiastic and should help you.

Don't be afraid to speak out, you won't get in trouble for trying. They like your behavior and work ethic, they are just prompting to give a little more
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One of two things is happening here:

Either there has been a misunderstanding between you and the management as to what is expected of you and following your PDR this hasn't been made clear.

Or, you should find another job - because if you are hitting all your performance indicators and your probation has been extended for some nebulous interpersonal issue, then something is very wrong with either the company or the management. If being "more present" were a necessary attribute of the role, it should be in your performance indicators, or your apparent lack of would be evident in them. If it isn't then you should have been passed and they're either being silly or they don't want to pass you for some other reason that they're not articulating.

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