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Is Mech Eng In Manchester really great?

Hi there,

I am deciding on which engineering degrees should I put as firm and insurance choice. Here are my choices:

-MEng Mechanical Engineering at University of Manchester
-MEng Mechanical Engineering at University of Leeds
-MEng Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University
-MEng General Engineering at University of Sheffield

Here's the situation:

Initially, I had thought that Manchester was the best out of them. However, I have visited the uni twice and after speaking to students and staff of the MechEng department, I notice how the degree appears to limit your options. Say, if I want to do something that is more Mechatronic or Aerospace, it is highly likely that I shall have to ask to transfer to the respective degrees. Furthermore, Year 3 and 4 modules, according to the course details on there website, do not really allow you to do much system/control/automation/mechatronics, which I see as a clear drawback for me, who wants to specialise in those specifically. Finally, If I am not wrong, the degree in Manchester is more theory-based and not as practical as the other unis mentions. If possible, can anyone clarify my views on Manchester?

Regarding Sheffield, I specifically applied for General Engineering, because it will provide more time and a broader range of choices. Plus, the uni's links to industry make it an ever-so-slightly calmer journey. Loughborough also stands strong in MechEng, and it has some modules in Year 3 and 4 that I am interested in doing. However, if I want to get into the systems/automation/contol/mechatronics/design and computation side of engineering, as well as materials and structures, which one of the two would you suggest to go for?

My main point is that the sudden change of expectation for Manchester has made it slightly more difficult to choose, and if I am right, what would you reckon for the other unis?

Thanks in advance for responding.

Edit: I have posted this on another forum and wanted to add a reply that I made about preferences.

"For course:
(1) Sheffield
(2) Loughborough
(3) Manchester & Leeds ( Year 1 and 2 in Manchester look more interesting, but Year 3 and 4 modules in Leeds lean closer to my interest, so it is a tie, unless someone can clarify my claim: "If I am not wrong, the degree in Manchester is more theory-based and not as practical as the other unis mentioned.")

For work experience, all provide this and have great links to industry, so this comparison will not be significant for me.

I've been to all of them twice, except Loughborough once recently for my interview. So, for environment:
(1) Manchester (I live in Manchester, and staying here would be great if only I could get clarification about the MechEng degree here 🙏)
(2) Sheffield (Near Manchester and facilities are great, so will still feel home)
(3) Loughborough & Leeds (another tie. While Loughborough's campus is great, the centre is not as great as the others, although Leicester and Nottingham are not far away. Meanwhile, I prefer the city campus of Leeds, but not as much as Manchester and Sheffield).

Don't really mind the sports side at the moment, but if Loughborough is the best choice, then that will be a unwanted bonus.

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