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Biology for psychotherapy or not?

If I wanted to do psychology at uni, obviously i would need psychology and MAYBE another science depending on the uni (in this case i would probably take maths).

i know you can get into some psychology courses at uni as long as you have the required grades and psychology A-Level.

to be a psychotherapist, would i need biology A-Level or not? because i'm not very good at biology at all.
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Psychology at Uni level is a science subject and involves maths/statistics.
You will need at least one science A level for top Unis, but that can often include A level Psychology and subjects like Geography. Check the GCSE requirements for any specific Maths requirement.

If you are more interested in the social science side of Psych, look at degree subjects like :
Education with Psychology BA (Hons) (
BSc (Hons) Social Psychology 2024/25 | UEA
Psychology with Mental Health | BSc (Hons) | University of Lincoln
Childhood Studies | Study at Bristol | University of Bristol

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