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Question on Msci

I have an offer for an Msci with the undergraduate course at uni but i go to another uni and just do the bsci how would I go about getting the msci is it any different? will it cost more?
If you do MSci or an integrated masters you will get the offer based on your A levels grades. If you do a Bsc first then followed by MSc then MSc admission will depend on your undergraduate course grade (first, 2:1 or 2:2). Each university has a different criteria.
If you have a Bsc offer from a university which also has a MSci for the same course then you can switch into the MSci course. Some will let you switch on day1 others will let you switch after year 2 and it will be based on your performance in Y1 and Y2. Some universities will switch you to a Bsc degree from MSci if your Y1 and Y2 performance is below average.
Financially if you are a home student it is better do a MSci course than doing a Bsc first and then MSc as you get a student loan for undergrad.
Some people like to do a Bsc first and do a specialisation in MSc.

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