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Philosophy Supercurriculars

Hey fellow philosophers,

This page is for sharing any supercurriculars (videos, talks, books, podcasts, films, summer schools) you find that would help out a student of philosophy to further their study.

I'll start us off:
Video - Massolit lectures, 'Modern Philosophy' Series:
Talk - I haven't found any yet, but I'm hoping to visit some in the summer
Book - My latest read is the Oxford edition of 'Defense of Socrates' which contains Euthyphro, which I loved!
Podcast - Every morning I listen to an episode of 'Philosophy Bites'
Film - The most philosophical film I think I've watched would have to be 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being'. I also liked Slavoj Zizek's (oft-memed) 'A Pervert's Guide to Ideology'
Summer schools - I'm hoping to go to UCL's Ancient Philosophy Summer School

I'll add every time I find something new that's worth sharing
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The history of philosophy without any gaps is great.

Great lecture series here too (for undergrads and above):

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