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Hi everyone!

Im new to TSR and was hoping for some advice please. Im also not sure where the best place for the post is, so please allow me to explain a little.

Firstly i am a mature student (27) who recently returned to education. I studied an Access to HE course and then progressed to University to study Law.

I really enjoyed the Access course and performed to a high standard so naturally expected similar in University.

I got offered a place at the university of my dreams and loved everything about it, the course, school, city - everything!

I did very well in my written work in my first year, my highest marks being 75%. However, this was not mirrored in my exams (40%, 55%, 48%, 52%). Initially although i was discouraged i thought that it was a learning curve and took it on the chin thinking that as i had been out of education for long prior that it was just down to practice and so i progressed to my 2nd year.

However, i noticed serious difficulties in my second year of studies. I couldn't concentrate, had violent headaches, was always tired, had problems reading and understanding and so on. It was very embarrassing being that little bit older and finding things so hard, i was under stress relating to personal circumstances, but nothing that should have caused these problems.

Anyway, 2nd year exams came around and i failed spectacularly! (marks in the region of 20%). I knew there was a problem but was not sure where the difficulty was so my only option was to apply for repeat tuition, which was unfortunately refused, and so i was told that i had to wait a year to resit ( and those are coming up).

Since then, i have undergone assessment and was found as having the specific learning difficulties of dyslexia, dyspraxia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome. I also haven't been able to access any help because I'm (technically) not a student for the purpose of the LEA /DSA until i pass my exams.

Today i visited a specialist optometrist who works with dyslexia and scotopia and after some tests and and assessments in relation to reading it was decided that i would benefit greatly from these special glass lenses on a daily basis. The bit that alarmed me was that my reading speed actually increased by 45% - which is huge!

My concern is that i really don't think I'm going to pass these exams either due to the problems i suffer with until i get some help and support put into place (I'm not being pessimistic, i have tried very hard, but i feel that its very unlikely).

IF this is the case, then I'm unsure of where this will leave me - although it would certainly be quite a predicament!

I am currently looking into the possibility of transferring to another university which would allow me to repeat my second year and enable me to access the support i require, but its a very difficult decision. I worked so hard to get into my current university and really do love it but i just don't see how i can do well (or pass) without support.

This new University is further down the league table than my current one which is also something that plays on my mind, not because the education won't be as good, but because of all the hard work i put in to get where i am, i almost feel a little cheated by conditions i can't help.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or had experienced a similar dilemma?

Thank you!

*Also, i have already sought help from student services, the disability department and my Union...Not much came up :/

*This has also been the cause of a lot of stress, anxiety and depression for myself too, i just want to learn in an environment where i am supported

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