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1 month in the UK. Is it possible to get an internship? watch

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    Hi fellows!
    It is my very first post in this forum.
    First of all, let me introduce myself: I am a Portuguese guy who is taking a master degree in the field of management and my background is a bachelor in economics.
    I don't know if it is the right place to write this post but basically I will be on vacations during next January. My idea consists in engage in some project like a voluntary service for social benefit or an internship project in a start up company. I am not pursuing any type of compensation.

    There are a plenty of motives for me wanting to do this:
    1- I am taking all my courses in English since the 2nd year of my bachelor studies and despite my English is not that bad (Recently I took an IELTS academic test and I got an overall grade of 7.0), I feel a bit shy when I have to express myself in a foreign language;
    2- I do want to have some international experience;
    3- I am willing to get some working experience (my fields of interest are related to Stategic decision making and HRM).

    Given this, I would like to ask whether or not it is easy to enroll in something like what I want to do. Also, I do want to know if short term room rentals are common in your country.

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Marcio,

    I'm also new to TSR - what a great forum!!

    Although I have to declare that I'm not a student (i have searched to see if it was allowed for "non-students" to be posting but I couldn't find anything - happy to be corrected though..)

    In my very first start up we stumbled upon using interns and have never looked back since.

    We even took on summer interns from a few US-based universities whose students were in London on a Summer School programme, a part of which was getting experience working for a London-based SME to give them a local flavour.

    It was a complete WIN-WIN for everyone.

    They got the experience they wanted. Worked on some pretty amazing projects and added lots of value to our company and they had something serious to show for on their CV e.g. "saved the company £££..." / "helped open new markets.." / "increased turnover by..."

    As an employer/entrepreneur, this is the sort of achievements I/we are looking for, so if you do get a chance to work with an SME, definitely grab it.

    ps. there are agencies out there that offer this service of placing students e.g. enternships
    pps. make sure you don't get only the crappy admin jobs (which of course you will have to do, but make sure that this is the smaller part of the time you spend with them)
    ppps. for short term rentals there are a lot of short term shared accommodation available in london (I used to be involved with one of them), just search online

    Good luck!
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