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    If I'm coming out with A's and B's at English Literature GCSE, how well will I perform at A level? (I understand that this is a vague question and that things have to be taken into account, but I'd just like some idea)

    Hey Kain

    First of all there's three options you can take:
    *English Literature
    *English Language
    *English Literature and Language

    It sounds as if you seem keen on taking Literature (If I'm wrong please correct me) which I currently take.

    I achieved A*'s in both GCSE English Literature and English Language. Halfway through the A Level course I'm struggling to maintain the B's I'm getting. In my experience GCSE doesn't prepare you for A Level work, when I first started I was getting D's because the way I wrote wasn't acceptable for A Level.

    Of course this may not be a problem for you, it all depends on how quickly you can adapt to the new style of writing. It's also very important to find out what specification your chosen sixth form/college are doing. For example I do the AQA Specification B whilst my friends do AQA Specification A which are on two different spectrum's. As with any other A Level the amount of work you need to put in is tremendous if you're aiming for those top grades.

    Although this may sound scary I am glad I took English Literature, I find it enjoyable regardless of how challenging it may be. Good luck in your GCSE's
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    (Original post by Kain221298)
    If I'm coming out with A's and B's at English Literature GCSE, how well will I perform at A level? (I understand that this is a vague question and that things have to be taken into account, but I'd just like some idea)
    I achieved an A at GCSE and an A at A level, and I actually found literature my easiest A level even though it was technically my worst GCSE grade out of the subjects I picked. If you enjoy the subject at A level, that'll really help motivate; I personally enjoyed the A level so much more than the GCSE, especially at A2. It's all down to the work you need to put in; get the essay technique right, known your texts and the assessment objectives fairly well, and you'll likely do well

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    Im doing English Lit at AS level and I was planning on taking it for A2 aswell but ive had awful luck with my teachers and im really struggling. Although I now have a tutor im far from confident that I'm going to get the grades I want at the end of this yearv(A/B) do you have any advise on revising? Essay techniques? Exam skills etc?

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    This is a difficult question to answer as it can depend on a lot of things. But I'll tell you how it went for me.

    At GCSE I got an A in Literature and an A in language after redoing all my controlled assessments. I'm currently doing A2 lit and I am on course for an A*. So for me, I'm doing better at A level than I did at GCSE.

    However, it all depends on how well you adapt to A levels, whether the Literature course your sixth form offers is best for you and the amount of effort your willing to put in.

    But honestly, just go with your heart. Take it and if you find you don't like it or you think you're struggling, there's always an opportunity to switch.

    But whatever you decide, I wish you all the best, and I'm sure you'll do fine

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