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I've made an account to ask for some help since as of today I find myself needing to pay the University of Lincoln £3465.00 by July 17th. Luckily I can pay (although that's all the money I have).

My course was a 3 year course with a placement year for the third year.

After my second year I decided I had enough cash to pay for the 3rd (placement) year since it was less than a standard year at uni. SF online would not let me since they had already started to process the tuition loan. At this point SF had paid the full amount for both my first and second years.

I contacted the university and explained that I wished to pay in cash for my placement year. They responded after speaking with SF and gave me the go ahead. So I did.

For my fourth year I accidentally requested just shy of the full amount from SF for the year and had to pay the remaining ~£50 in cash. Not a relevant detail but a detail nonetheless.

Today (7th July 2015) I received an email from the University of Lincoln saying that I had to pay my second year tuition in full by 17th July 2015 or I will not be able to graduate. Confused I phoned them and they said SF had retracted funding retrospectively for my second year and the university had obliged and given the money back on 6th November 2013. Over a year ago, but the university never made me aware of this until I phoned them today.

My years were:
11/12 first
12/13 second
13/14 placement
14/15 fourth and final

A) The university told SF that I was paying for the wrong year
B) SF 'heard' the wrong year and requested the money back thinking I had already paid

I was hoping someone could advise me on where I stand?
Can the university demand the money at such short notice?
Especially after I was in full belief that the university had been paid?

Thanks, Alex
University of Lincoln
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Hi Alexander,

Sorry to hear about your situation. If you give Student Support a call on 01522 837080 and explain the situation they should be able to advise. Alternatively you could attend one of their drop-ins from 12-2pm on a weekday on the ground floor of the Minerva Building. If you take as much paperwork as you can with you such as bank statements showing your payment, they should hopefully be able to sort it out for you.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

(Social media officer & Lincoln Journalism graduate)

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