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    you know reputation, what does it mean and do??? i got one red one and 2 blue/purple ones what do they mean?

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    you know reputation, what does it mean and do??? i got one red one and 2 blue/purple ones what do they mean?
    You get green coloured squares 'gems' in the top right of your posts

    It means nothing :rolleyes: You give it to posts you like and dont like by clicking on the scales on the top of someone's post.

    There is a reputation system in which users give rep points to other users for good posts etc.

    You start off with 10 points (one green gem), for every 100 rep points (for small reputations) you get another green gem. You can give out rep by clicking on the button near a post. The number of points you give out when you rep someone depends on your post count, your age (when you registered) and your own number of reputation points. Roughly, the number of positive rep points given out is

    [(post count/100) + no. gems + 1 for every 3 months you are registered]
    negative rep is positive/2

    If you've been given rep (not before), you can check your reputation points by clicking on User CP at the top of the page. In the first column, there will be a gem, with the colour:

    red - negative rep (someone disliked or disagreed with your post)
    green - positive rep (someone agreed or liked your post)
    grey - the person giving the rep has not posted enough to give out any rep points.

    So therefore, a green gem adds points, a red one removes points and a grey gem has no effect on your rep points.

    The second column will direct you to the post which the person giving out the rep is referring to.

    The third column is for any comment made by the person giving out the rep.

    If you pass your cursor over your gem/gems, you'll see a message come up. This message refers to the number of rep points you have. The higher the number of rep points, the greater your rep status:

    On the members list etc lime green gems indicate 2 green gems.
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Reputation gems: You get these gems as you gain rep from other members for making good contributions and giving helpful advice.