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I've just started the A2 course and I'm doing Unit 3B and 4B - Ideologies.

I'm not sure what textbook I should get. These are the ones I'm considering:

https://goo.gl/aNo6OO <------- 'Edexcel Government & Politics for A2: Ideologies'. This one is officially endorsed by Edexcel, and it's written by the Neil McNaughton, whose book for AS I found fantastic. I would get this book without hesitation, if it were not for the fact that it was published in 2009. I'm worried that it might be a little out of date.

https://goo.gl/o64e5v <------- 'Political Ideologies: An Introduction' by Andrew Heywood. I don't know anything about the author, but this book seems to have good reviews, and it's more recent, published in 2012.

https://goo.gl/QTHQAt <------- 'Edexcel A2 Government & Politics Student Unit Guide New Edition: Unit 3B Introducing Political Ideologies' by Barry Pavier. This series splits Unit 3B and 4B into separate books, which is a bit of a pain. It was written in 2012 though, and specifically for Edexcel, which is encouraging.

What do you think I should get?

Please help :puppyeyes:
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I did Unit 3B and I used the first textbook you linked! It was very straightforward and had amazing amount of detail, without being too densely compacted with info. I'd definitely get it. I looked through the Unit 4 section and it also looks great.

I've heard a lot about the Andrew Heywood book! It looks quite chunky but I'm sure it's helpful.

I'd steer clear from that last study guide however. I used the same publisher's book for Unit 2 last year and it was nowhere near detailed enough (hence why it's a revision guide haha)

Either way, good luck with politics next year!

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