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I dont like my new school or living at home watch

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    I started a new school in September for my a levels which was a massive mistake and would do anything to go back to my old one. I have no friends here and no one wants to be friends with me. As my old school was 2 hours away and I boarded there for 5 years, all of my friends are around there. I also hate my a level options but I think that has come from hating my school. Also, at the end of the school day, I go home as soon as I can and stay in my room working all evening as I have no reason to stay at school any longer than I have to (it is primarily a boarding school so the day finishes at 6pm but I am a day pupil)

    On top of that, my mum and I don't get along very well but I have only discovered this since moving back home, and I don't like my step dad all that much as I find him controlling and petty (but that may just be me being a stroppy teenager).

    I have spoken to my mum on numerous occasions about going back to my old school, and even though it would be a challenge (as this one is private), it wouldn't be impossible but she is making it seem like she doesn't want me to go back there despite her not wanting me to leave in the first place and neither did they. We have a lot going on at home at the moment which may be why she is reluctant to speak to my old school but all we do is argue and it isn't getting any better so I would rather go back there before we ruin the relationship we have.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense but I was wondering if anyone has any advice?

    What I say is that you are in education for yourself, don't lose this once in a lifetime opportunity. I understand that you feel lonely and I completely get that but don't look at that fact and also don't don't look at the fact that your school is crap. Focus on your subjects, aim high and dream big. When you get home ask your mum hows your day been and engage in a conversation. Yes I know it sounds cheesy and I understand that plus your mum may think that you are a bit weird, she may not do though. But this will help to create a bond that will be strong or how it was before. Hopefully this will helps.

    Can I just ask, do you have your freinds' numbers or something to keep in contact with?
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    Thank you. Yeah I do, I talk to them everyday which is nice to stay in contact with them.

    I also spoke to my mum this weekend and she has made it pretty clear that she doesn't like driving me to and from school every morning and evening, which is understandable.
    I am a horse rider and I am at my happiest when I am riding my horses and looking after them, and my mum is trying to come up with loads of plans for me with my horses but we cant go through with any of them because of school. She suggested that I stop riding as much as I am for the while with A levels but its the only thing that is keeping me sane at the moment, I swear. My old school had a yard on site which meant I could take my horse with me, which is the reason I went and part of the reason I would give an arm and a leg to go back.

    That's really cool that you're a horse rider and its nice to see you and mum talking. I guess the horse riding will make the bond between you and your mum stronger unless if theres something else
    All the best with your education and future
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