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I'm going to be studying Psychology with Cognitive neuroscience in September in one of the following Universities. Before finalising my initial application I really wanted to apply for a RG uni or at least those that are ranked modestly. As much as we don't want to admit it, the reputation of your University can - and will in some cases - affect your career in the long-run.

As I was too worried I wouldn't meet the entry requirements (I was only predicted AAB but I've been getting all As and even A*s this past year) I ended up not putting any of the higher ranked ones as my five options. As such, I'm now left with my five choices that I'm not sure about. I can't afford to take a gap year and reapply next year. Staying where I am right now is a no-no.

I've whilted it down to the following:
University of East Anglia

Initially, one would assume UEA was the better choice. Albeit not 'the best', it's probably the most highly regarded out of the above mentioned. Course wise, the top 3 interest me the most and in all honesty, Aston is probably the most interesting in terms of course content. I intend to do a 4 year degree - either with a year abroad or a year in placement - and then relocate to do a Masters in Neuroscience or Neurolinguistics. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to complete a PhD also (which is why, as I mentioned, the reputation of your former Uni's may have a detrimental affect on your career progression/opportunities).

I know it's not the end of the world if I don't go to a reputable University, but it means a great deal to me and it's an important factor in deciding where to spend the next 4 years. So, in your opinion, which would be the best Uni to study Psychology?
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Where you study makes no difference even if you want to do a masters and a PhD. The unis you mention are all on par with each other anyway so you really should just pick where the course is most interesting and you think you'll be happiest.
University of East Anglia
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Hi Hannah,

It sounds like you've really done your research! Remember, whilst it's important to go to a well-respected university, it's also important that you find a university where you will be happy! We believe UEA combines both of those things, as it's 3rd for student satisfaction according to the 2016 National Student Survey, and was a UK Top 10 for Psychology according to the Guardian League Table 2017, not to mention being top 15 overall according to the Times Good University Guide 2017.

The great thing about the UEA Psychology BA is that as you progress, you're able to tailor your studies to your interests, choosing modules which appeal to you. The employment success rate is very high too, at 96.3%.

You might find this video about studying within the School of Psychology interesting too:

I myself completed a BA and a MA at UEA, and had a wonderful time. It's really friendly campus, and Norwich is a great city, with lots to do and a really nice atmosphere.

I hope that helps, and good luck making your decision!

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