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    Basically uni is not all fun and games. Came to that depressing realisation. A) everything is ****ing expensive and B) its more hard work that initially expected. But its annoying af when 2nd years are like 'ah well 1st year doesn't count' but If i dont know how to ****ing work out how to write an essay this year, then next year I AM SCREWED.

    Sorry this is going to be a bit of a rant, but i want people to realise that its not this magical time where you meet loads of like-minded people #bbf4eva and think and learn about intellectually stimulating things. half the stuff is not stimulating AT ALL.

    So i've looking into my options, considered a sugar daddy and tried to find a 'high paying job for uni drop out' as well as looking into a one-way ticket to Timbuktu but none were very realistic. (there are creeps out there kids)

    Anyway, uni does have its perks and i am having an absolute laugh dont get me wrong, but if you sre finding it hard follow my blog and you'll feel better.

    xoxo Anon


    Well, that's one way to advertise a blog, I'm hooked!
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    haha thanks, well subscribe for updates....
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    Im dropping out

    latest blog post:

    It's week 5!!!

    As if.
    It's Monday and this weekend has been great, my younger sister came to visit me- just what i needed. 👭. Weekends can be hard as there seems like there is nothing to do but work or drink,
    So her being here made me go out and do things, lots of drinking and no working. ( it became rather expensive)


    We went shopping and walked down to the Quay- which guys if you've ever done- ITS ****ING FAR. yes I'm lazy af. She kept calling me grandma as I wanted 'rests' 👵😂. We ate copious amounts of food. YUM YUM YUM. 🍰🍦🍔🍕🍪
    I attempted to 'cook' nachos, but forgot the gauc. cry cry. #firstworldproblems

    Sophie (my sister) LOVED uni life, I took her out to the Lemmy (the *****y campus 'club') which was her fist ever night out and she had such a good time. Having her here put me at ease, though it was sad to drop her off at the station this morning but oh well. - Reading week is coming up and I'll defo be going home so wont be long before I see her.

    Felt a bit **** after she went, but got high with my flatmates which was jokes. 🍁 l
    Ellie is literally the biggest lightweight ever, and watching her space out distracted me. She began singing Wikipedia articles to the tune of Disney- its probably funnier if you were there.
    But its kinda an insight to what my flat are like. They are just really chilled and not judgmental, tbf they sometimes feel like my annoying siblings.

    So yea thats week 5. One more to go and then i get to go homeeeee! 🙏

    ******** myself as I've got a presentation next Friday and I hate public speaking, its not even funny how shaky I get. But oh well.

    Lots of love

    p.s not dropping out, just to defo clarify.

    Anon xxx

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