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sugar intake is bad idk how to stop

I'm 18 years old, i'm a girl. I eat so much processed sugar. I mainly eat chocolate things, cookies, traybakes from school. Basically anything that is sweet. I do like sweets but i don't eat them often. I dont eat crisps that much and i pretty much drink water or green/spearmint tea.
I just have acne and its very related to my skin. I just don't know how to stop. There are random bursts where i just crave sugar and i feel like its either because i feel really sad, tired or very bored.
When i get home from school, i eat like a snickers or smt and if theres a cookie, i'll have one and if theres dessert, i'll have some after dinner. It doesn't sound that bad but i have something like this everyday. Some days i don't have much but i've just been becoming more upset and tired, i've stopped caring but i know i shouldn't. I want to make small changes to my diet.

I've tried eating more fruit to replace the sugar and i heard putting grapes in the freeze and eating them would help but thats just a lie. Any tips or advice? I don't have to cut it out totally but i would like to cut it in half for the long term.
You just have to pick a day and just stop. But be ready for withdrawal symptoms. They can be be quite severe. Have a read here and see if it helps.
Cutting down on sugar is tough, but it's awesome you want to try. Swapping sweets for fruits is a good step. It's okay if not everything works right away, like the frozen grapes trick. While it's a bit different, looking at nugenix reviews could give you ideas about health and wellness, but focusing on changing your diet bit by bit is the best way to start. Small changes can really add up and help you feel better.
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