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A level exams are in 3 months, I need help watch

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    I have my A level exams in around 3 months with the subjects psychology, math, accounts and economics.
    i didn't pass any of them in my midterms a month back, and I had a severe relapse into depression and anxiety then.
    Any helpful methods to study for these upcoming exams so I can get a decent grade? Thank you!
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    firstly, i suffer from panic attacks any time i have exams so dont worry you are not alone. i think that you should teach yourself relaxation techniques to help you get through this stressful time. you should also base your study off wether you are an audio, visual or practical learner. if you are visual like me then you should do flash cards, watch clips and read texts. if you are audio then you should listen to suitable audiobooks and clips etc. and i f you are practical have sticky notes round the house with terms and you should also teach your topic to other people and this will help i promise worked for me at gcse xx

    They say genius is 90% hard work and 10 % talent. It's the same for exams. If you didn't get any of them you need to ask yourself what the problem was. Did you understand it? If not you need to ask your teacher or your friends to explain it to you. ( Good revision for your friends!)

    If you did understand it then the problem is you didn't spend enough time learning your work and / or your technique is poor.

    You can't revise and watch television, listen to music, talk with friends, make coffee etc. You can't study late at night. You need total silence.Go to a library if your home is noisy.

    If you find your mind wandering start at the beginning again. After a few tries at this you will have abetter idea of the amount of time you are going to need to revise. It will be lots more than you first thought. Next look at the chapters in your text book and work out how much time you need to allocate for each one. Plan your revision time. So, I need 1 hour to do this section of Maths ( Monday 5-6. 1 hour for this section of psychology Monday 6-7 etc.) A change is as good as a rest.

    Start NOW. It is absolutely wrong to think that you'll remember it better if you leave it to nearer the time. Nearer the time is when you put the final touches to your revision NOT START!

    If you didn't get your exams last time you are going to have to find more time than everyone else. Imagine you are in training for a race. You must eat well ( no alcohol) you must have plenty of sleep at least 9 -10 hours night. The best time to study is first thing in the morning so get up at 6am say and get an hour in before school.

    Go through your work / text book , read it half a page at a time and then write down what you can remember of it. Write down questions on each page , re read the page and try and answer the questions. You'll need to do this several times before you know it. Be honest with yourself NO CHEATING.

    Order past papers for your exam board and go though them ALL without looking at your notes. If you can't do them you haven't done the work. You should be studying say 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon, 3 hours in the evening. Mon-Thurs. Friday evening off. Study Sat and Sun morning at the very least.

    Ah I hear you say I haven't got the time to do all that.............then you will fail AGAIN!
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    pickup ebony_xx
    Thank you so much! those are really helpful tips and I intend to get a good grade this time. Thanks a lot! ^.^
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