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Teacher weirdly obssessed watch

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    I know this is a weird topic but its been on my mind ever since.

    So, it all started since I went to highschool and this teacher (age: mid 25s) worked at the school for 3 years. We stood outside in a line so that he can have a talk to us and we led into his classroom. We could sit anywhere we wanted but as time went on he would place us in a set order or move us. I sat at the back with my two friends (1 girl and 1 guy). He always picked on us three for some odd reason and he would flirt at the girl i was friend with.

    As time went on, he moved her infront of his desk, so he can have a clear view of her. He would always stare at her and sometimes walk or hover around her whilst she works.

    He did the same thing to me at the end of the year leading to the following year. He placed me infront and my friend at her current spot in 8th grade. Whenever there is work, he would hover around me and constantly stare at me when he has no work on his desk. It got really annoying at first but as time went on, I got used to him staring and giving me flirtatious looks.

    Whenever I walk into his class, he would smile as if I made his day or something. Everytime someone makes fun of me or tries to get me into trouble, he would side with me and make sure the "trouble-maker" would be the one in trouble. I never got shouted at in his class as far as I can remember.

    This other day, we were drawing and I needed help with the drawing, he immediately stopped helping one of the learners to help me. He stopped behind my chair and put his arms over my arms and when I tried to move my arms, he pushed them down. I got extremely frightened so I stood and froze.

    The other day he would tell my guy friend things abut me like he likes me, im special, ill pass his class and that ill receive more marks than anyone. He also stares to the point where the class can see, making it weird and when I look, he looks away.

    Im really concerend about him because he is awfully weird. He would come to me personally to help me with my work or even complete my work for me, when I just ask for 1 question. He wouldn't do that for any1.

    When people ask for his help, he would refuse and only help me, and when I try to help out, he tells me not to help them or else i'll fail his class. I sometimes think he's psycho cause of all the things he does. He keeps telling me that all the guys I talk to are bad influences and bad friends, I shouldnt listen to them and that they are bad news.

    So is this a crush, infatuation or is he weirdly obssessed?
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    It does sound a bit strange, especially considering other pupils are noticing it too. I would go to your head of year and say what you've told us, because it's obvious you are uncomfortable. It could be innocent and he just doesn't realise he's doing it, however from what you've said, like holding your arms down, it does seem really odd. I would feel uncomfortable too, so definitely tell someone you trust just in case anything else happens.
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