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What are the best revision books for the new gcse 9-1 courses?

I already know about the CGP books, but was wondering if anyone knew any better options?

I study:
- three sciences
- english & maths
- history & spanish & food and nutrition & computer science

Thank you
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For English Language GCSE 9-1 2016/17

Mr Bruff's guide - available from his website, also watch his videos
CGP guide - I found it was good for going over the requirements for each question, but I used Mr Bruff's the most.

For Maths - AQA Higher GCSE 9-1 2017/18

CGP guide - I found way too complex until the final revision stage
Pearson - the index quiz cards were brilliant with theory and question on one side, then answer on the other.
Corbett cards - for final revision stage.
Letts guide - GCSE maths in a week - a very easy guide to understand, with the basics covered with exam questions. I used this for about 2 months before the exam, so you don't need to use it for just one week.
Primrose Kittens downloadable tick list - she is on you tube and did a guide on her website of everything you needed to know for the AQA exam with a tick list.

My maths class also liked the pocket guides which covered one subject - ie algebra, geometry, and also the Day Dream Education pocket guide.

One thing a few of us did was the make grade lists - what I mean is that we went through the CGP guides and grouped each topic by grade, then we worked to that list for revision depending on what grade we wanted in the exam. The guide does include a grade for each question/topic, so it's just a matter of writing them out.

For English Language I got 8 with merit and I await my maths results.
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Science - freesciencelessons.com
But yeah the cgp books for science are amazing.

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