Wealth ineqaulity, robotics and AI, and a rising retirement age = no JOBS Watch

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Question for students, past, present and future..

How far ahead are you looking wrt. your future and what decisions/choices are you making now that could/will impact how the future will look for you, but also in general. I am talking social issues, economic issues and environmental issues.

If you are going to uni soon then you will know how competetive places for good, or great universities have becomes. The competition for jobs when people leave university is very high and rising wealth inequality means that the disparity between a low/average wage and a high wage is getting bigger. House prices are at very high wage multiples, despite low rates credit availability isn't as easy as people would have you believe (at least not for big purchases), and public services are being stretched beyond measure.

As technology continues to develop the demand for labour is on the decline as companies look to drive profit growth by increased cost efficiencies, and the rise in the retirement age is hindering the creation of new jobs as firms look to keep on older more experienced members of staff in top positions which has an opportunity cost equal to several junior positions.

With all this, and more.. where do you think salvation lies? What are you counting on? Would you have kids if the environment was the same as it is now?

Curious to know your thoughts and who/what is to blame for the current state of affairs.

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Salvation lies in Brexit and Angry Birds. :blow:

AI certainly lies in the future but 1. Current students will likely be able to enter the job market before AI kicks in. 2. There is no way right now to know exactly how it's going to affect things, so it's difficult to adapt systems like education to prepare for the coming challenges.

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