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Smoky saif
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I have started my second set of mocks and I just know I’m gonna do worse. I have prepared but I still feel like I’m not gonna do well.

I did my business paper today and the last mock I felt really good about it and got a grade 7. But I felt like I got a grade 5 or something in this paper. If I was to do slightly worse in these mocks how badly would it affect me.

Keeping in mind I’m gonna work twice as hard from now until the actual exams.

These were my last grades

Maths 6
Business 7
Computer science 5
Science 6,5
English language 7
History 4
EP 9

These are the results I think I’m gonna get this time around roughly

Business 5
Computing 5
Maths 6
Science 6,6
English lit 6
EP 7
History 6

All things considered if I was do slightly worse and end up with similar results such as these how badly will it affect me considering the fact that I know I will continue to work twice as hard.

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I mean, they're just mocks, right? They generally won't affect you at all. In terms of predicting how well you will do in your actual exams, it's super hard to do this because it all comes down to how well you do on the day. Try not to stress too much about them

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