How to work hard without time pressures?

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I'm sure I'm not the only one here who feels like they can only revise when there's loads of pressure to complete work with a deadline close. For example, I revised my gcses the weekend before, because I had no motivation to do so any earlier. Even though I got the grades to get into sixth form, this method obviously won't work for A levels (I'm in year 13 fyi) so if you have tips for getting work done without a specific deadline, I'd appreciate it. I just can't seem to think in the longterm.
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You need to set your own goals. When you have your own goals, you will feel more self-motivated. Long-term goals. What you want from life. That sort of stuff.

When instead all you're doing is working to other peoples' prescribed schedules and demands, naturally, when their pressure isn't looming over you, you won't feel motivated.

Whereas if your goals are your own, you're reminded of it every day you wake up and have to live with yourself, and will feel the pressure every day.

If you're smart... you can find a way to combine both of these effects into one and really take off the start line. Or burn out instead, if you're not careful and don't pace yourself (like me).
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