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Yeah, hey all
Basically in a nutshell I have really bad procrastination & was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to fix that or at least reduce it? I don't really want it to affect my studies at Sixth Form too much but I feel like it is starting to affect my studies, despite me only being like 2 months into it 👍
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It feels great to just not do work now, easy life, no consequences. But in a few months when the pressure builds you will experience the worst kind of feelings of sinking under an unimaginable workload (and probably suffer mental health problems too if you let this all overwhelm you) All this as a result of knowing there is way too much to do and you have run out of time.

It's always easier to find easy going pleasurable things to do, and you waste your time aimlessly - instead of gripping the hard stuff, which is study. If no one else will give you the guidance and help you with self discipline you need to get through A levels you have to self teach.

Understanding you put off difficult decisions as part of your personality is a start. Recognise that displacement activities will rob you of your precious time. The moment you start doing something other than study or revision, ask yourself what it is that you are avoiding? That said some people work their best when under tremendous time pressures. It makes them focus and concentrate. But often this comes at a physical cost (stress)

Make a plan of all of your subjects, make a plan of time and prioritise subjects, and force yourself to do a little bit every day. If you find you work best under extreme pressure then use a clock, stop watch timer, to max out your productivity. Give yourself a time goal to get x or y finished before the timer pings. Take a small chunk and do your dreaded subject first. Just ten minutes. Get it out of the way. Reward yourself with whatever you choose, and congratulate yourself for getting it done.

Remind yourself that you have to do the work now to save the pain later on. You could lose so much in your future life by continually avoiding difficult decisions.

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