Best Halls (incoming First Year LLB @ UCL)

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Hey there,

I'm a Canadian anticipating that end of September, I'll be in London for my LLB, at University College London. As such, I'm currently researching and reviewing my options for residence and would like to ask the community here for suggestions.

Some factors to account for would be that I am an international student, am technically a mature student, but also that I would like to meet a wide-ranging variety of people (so a balance between social/quiet enough to focus when I need to would be ideal). Ideally speaking, a diverse hall, with international and domestic students, where there are options to meet others, would be best.

Also factors like distance to UCL (especially the law faculty) and on-site amenities, as well as general hall culture, of course, matter too.

My budget as an international student is also limited, so the sky is not the limit. I would like to choose something reasonable - en-suite vs. non doesn't really matter, but ideally self-catered, to save on fees, would be best.

Thanks kindly, in advance, for any feedback I do receive

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