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Psychology dissertation HELPPPP

Hello basically my dissertation supervisor is always ill or just very unhelpful and I'm very very stressed as my deadline is approaching a little too quickly and I am lacking the support!

I am doing my dissertation on female sex offenders and their motivations and I have found a few interviews online, via YouTube and other websites but two of them are from the Dr Phil show, which I am worried if I include I will lose marks for their reliability and validity. The interviews clearly discuss the offenders motivations and are just recounts of the events and their explanations for their behaviours, do you think it is okay to use these interviews as my supervisor said it is ok to use YouTube as it provides publicly accessible data but I am just worried as they are not psychological accredited interviews I will not be able to use them.

alsooo if anyone knows of any databases that contain audio programmes on crime and the cjs that would be very helpful too xxxxx
Interviews are not like statistics which requires finding questionnaires to be valid/reliable. So I don't see anything wrong with it, interviews you ask questions that are targeted to your research questions anyways.

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