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Which former players would excel in today's game?

My pick would be Socrates. What a player he was, in watching the videos of him at the world cup, he was so much like the ideal modern midfielder.
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Glen Hoddell and Pablo Aimer

Hoddell just played in an era where he didn’t have good enough players around him to make him look good
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Not a chance Aimar excels in the modern game. He plays in a position that doesn’t really exist anymore and he pretty much has no athletic abilities that are needed in the modern game.

Kevin Keegan and Ian Rush would absolutely excel.

Both had massive physical gifts, technically great and were pressing from the front before it was a thing.

The likes of Cruyff, Maradona and original Ronaldo would be absolutely insane. The space they are given, not having career ending tackles thrown at them every game and being so technically proficient would make the modern game a breeze.
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Frank Lampard.
Players who played in the new millenium, but also in the 90s have the best chances to be still good for big teams, in particular:

Andriy Shevchenko
Thierry Henry
Luis Figo
Zinedine Zidane
Wayne Rooney
Frank Lampard
Fabio Cannavaro
Gianluigi Buffon (if younger!)
Edwin Van der Saar

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