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What About Free Gym Membership For Everyone?

What About Free Gym Membership For Everyone?
I think everyone should be given free gym membership.
This would decrease obesity, improve quality of life, give people jobs, and increase social interaction.
With the problems of highstreets failing and decreasing social interaction, this could help society on many levels.
Also for people who cannot make it too gym, they should be given free qualified, polite fitness experts, and vouchers for fitness equipment.
This would improve the health and wellbeing of the nation.
This could help the fitness industry. But there should remain state subsidised gyms also. But the private gyms could be given vouchers for helping ordinary people.
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There's a reason it's called 'the great outdoors'...

However, why not tackle the issue of failing high streets? Not good having all these fit people and nowhere to shop.
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If I get the free the free member ship of the gym that is what everyone what to have ...

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