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surrey sports park vs the gym group?

I'm looking at joining the gym this year mostly focusing on strength training. I was going to get a membership at SSP but I saw some reviews that it was always crowded and the machines stay broken. my house is nearer the gym group and they have a student membership that is a little more expensive but the reviews seem better. I'm new to the gym and wanted to know if any uni of surrey students or anyone else has an opinion on which one is better? I haven't actually been in either just seen picks but I would like to know which one is worth the money.
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for anyone who may have the same question: I tried out the gym group today and it was really good. not too crowded and had the free weights and machines I needed. a good price too (cheaper than the SSP with the deal going on now) :smile: I've gone for the full student membership now.

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