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Hi all,

Earlier this week, I enquired about getting a PT. I spoke to two of them, who are quite different, and I have no idea who would be best to go for. They would both be about the same price:Background

I have struggled to put on weight probably 'cos I don't eat enough as well as the fact I don't work out.

I work an office job although I will be going away for a whole month in October.

Except during my time at school 5 or so years ago, I haven't been to the gym and don't really know what I am doing

PT 1This would be an online trainer who would provide a training and nutrition plan (not a meal plan). I would have access to the gym near me 24/7 and will be able to use the gym near where I will be staying awayPrice: £140 + gym membership (£20) a monthPT 2Once a week face to face PT sessions, meal plan and some access to the gym throughout the week although this would be extremely limited as they only open at set times. Also, as I will be going away, won't be able to do PT for the whole of October.Price: £160 per month (no extra charge for gym membership)Which one would you suggest? Let me know if you have any questions!

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