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Midwifery at Teesside University or University of Hull

Hello! I have been offered places on the midwifery courses at University of Hull starting in September 2023 and a place at Teesside University starting January 2024.

I am really unsure of which university I would prefer to go to and I am looking to move into halls for first year.
Does anyone have any advice?
What is placement like? How far do you have to travel?
Do you feel supported by the university?
Are you at Teesside in the January cohort, are there any major differences to the September cohort?
There hasn't been a group chat made for the January 2024 cohort at Teesside and I do not want to make one incase I don't end up going there, is there anyone who has also been offered a place and is unsure where to go?
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Well done this. My partner has an interview tomorrow at Hull. Was your interview at Hull a group one?
I have come across many nurses and midwives studying at Hull and, generally speaking, their opinions tend to be positive. Not a lot to go on, I know.

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