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To get into musical theatre degree courses in competitive schools do you have to be stronger in singing, acting or dancing? For me, I’m strongest in dancing and weakest in singing is this a problem?
Hi, I don’t think it’s a problem at all. Lots of people have one discipline stronger than the others. My daughter is stronger at singing. Some places are more dance oriented and have a larger percentage of dance time than singing and acting. It really depends on where you are looking to go. If you read the criteria and information about that particular school, it will probably tell you if they focus on one discipline more than the others but it doesn’t matter if you have a weaker one, they might just focus a bit more on that to bring you up to speed.
Look at schools like Performers, Bird, London Studio centre, Laine, Addict,Wilkes Academy - these all offer musical theatre degrees with a strong dance focus.

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