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I think I'm going to a bad uni and I don't know what to do (ACM)

I applied last minute for different music schools, since my local music school lost funding. (I was going to study in Exeter, and then transfer to their campus in Edinburgh - my dream place, but it's not possible now). They recommended a list of different music unis, mostly in London. So I went to 2 open days: ICMP and ACM in London. I didn't really enjoy the ICMP day very much, it was good but I wasn't feeling it. The ACM day was good, I got along with the CEO who seemed to make everything seem like my perfect choice, plus I got to hang out at Metropolis studios, the CEO convinced me it was a great perk. I got offered a place at ACM before my booked ICMP audition, I accepted it because it seemed right but this meant I couldn't do my ICMP audition as well (plus I wasn't really ready for that audition, you needed 2 finished original songs).

Well now, I'm already dealing with some mental health problems the last few weeks dreading being lonely in London, something feeling wrong. Well today I took another look at the reviews (there aren't many available), I can now see more bad ones than before, and it really does seem bad. And then I looked at Glassdoor reviews.....they are reallllyyy bad. So glassdoor reviews are for employment, not students. But they pretty much all say it was the worst place to be because they let the students down, the equipment and facilities are crap and exagerated, there is no support for students, the CEO is a narcissist who promises students things then just takes their money, one even said that no one wants to employ anyone with a degree from ACM, basically that they feel sorry for all the students because they got scammed.

I'm doing an accelerated degree, that was a big perk for me because I'm a mature student and like the idea of not committing for 3 years. But I just want to learn. I want to learn to write better songs and to play my instruments better surrounded by proper support and facilities. I also want the opportunities and networking that the city could offer, when living in London as not a student would be impossible financially.

Is there anything I can even do at this point? I move this weekend. Do you think I could transfer to ICMP? Should I wait it out or does this sound like a jump ship moment?
My advice: If you can afford it, try out the school and figure out within the first semester whether it is what the reviews say or not, at that point make the decision to stay or transfer (which is always an option). Also, did your previous school recommend this school? Why don´t you ask them why they´ve endorsed it?
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I have an audition booked with BIMM, which I'm feeling better about. But I dont know if I will be prepared for the audition since its a bit of a different process and I don't have material prepped. It's day 1 and I'm already a bit disappointed with ACM. Not MY previous school, but the place I was applying to go to, they gave me a list of other music schools like them basically, so ACM, BIMM, ICMP, LCCM and some others
I've not heard great about BIMM either to be honest.

I am hearing good things about Waterbear
We also liked LCCM

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