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would a conversion course be looked down upon if you dont do a similar subject?

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No, it isn't looked down upon at all. You'll still be able to work at firms of all levels, and in any area of law. It's very common for non-law graduates to work as solicitors or barristers - around a third of my peers on the LPC I'm studying did non-law undergraduate degrees. Philosophy and Theology are both wonderful disciplines and that's a really strong degree from a smashing uni - the most important thing is classification; you'll need a 2:1 to work at most good firms, although there are exceptions. Well, actually I'd argue the most important thing is enjoy your experience at University, so make sure to prioritise that a healthy amount!

If, by your second year, you're still keen on a career in law, just speak to the careers team at your uni and ask them to explain the routes you could take.
As above, it’s not looked down upon at all, I think something like at least 50% of people don’t actually do a law degree
I’m not sure, you’d have to look into it, though I don’t see why not, as the whole point of the conversion course is to teach you various areas of law

The majority of firms dont look at where people went to uni anymore- the grade is far more important

And dont beat yourself up about the oxford rejection, it doesnt say anything about your worth or academic abilities :smile:

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