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Dropping out of uni for a new city?

Im looking for some advice. I currently study Human Biology at Manchester Met. I have lived in greater Manchester all my life (25 minutes from the centre,) looking back to when I applied to Uni I think I chose Manchester as I didnt want to leave my current life behind while still wanting the Uni experience (so I moved into halls.) I have met lots of people from different places and have enjoyed my course, I also do feel independent as I take care of myself and don't rely on my parents but in the back of my head I feel as though I missed out by not moving to a new place. Although living in the centre of Manchester is different than living at home, it would be different again to move out to a new city. However, If I decided to drop out to move somewhere new Id have to start the degree over again and be in debt from this full year, I also have a house for next year so would have to find someone to replace me. Am I just thinking "the grass is greener" or am I massively missing out?
You seem to having a good experience where you are and it does sound like you imagine the grass would be greener elsewhere. It might be, but it very well might not.

You can always move after university.

I am from London and was quite homesick during my first year, but when I went to Leeds I felt at home again.

Cities are cities.

You may have a preference for one over the other, but in general cities are busy, multicultural, with great places to eat and great places to go.

It doesn't sound like you are missing out: you've met lots of great people, you've lived in halls, you plan to live with friends next year and you are enjoying your independence.

University goes so quickly; enjoy it!

All the best,

Oluwatosin 2nd year student University of Huddersfield

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