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KCL or UoM; Organisation’s Psychology

I have an offer from King's College London and University of Manchester for my Masters in Organisational Psychology.
KCL's Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience will be providing the course which means the focus is more on general mental health, whereas in UoM...the course is under Alliance Manchester Business School...which means there are more organisational/business concepts that would help me pursue a career in HR.

seems like employability rates are higher for UoM than KCL but again...would being in London help in any way?

Apart from that I wanted to know which city is better for networking and job opportunities? London or Manchester?
London is more expensive which is a factor i want to consider but I am also conflicted about whether the reputation of the uni matters or not?
As an International Student, I want to be at a university/city that wouldn't drain me out.

Kcl is ranked higher than UoM in Psychology but UoM's business school is much better the King's Business School.

Which uni would equip me better for getting a job later on? Would the brand name/reputation of KCL matter? Do recruiters consider that?

Is KCL the obvious choice or should I go ahead with UoM?

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